Delicate Rug Care Testimonials

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Scott B.

READ MY WORDS:  Delicate Rug Care is the epitome of a high quality, customer-focused, small business!  I moved to the area from another state last month and was in dire need of cleaning over $20k worth of Persian rugs and one large Kashmiri rug.  All of the rugs were super dirty...especially the 9' x 12' Kashmiri, which has an off-white border.  In fact, the border was stained and almost yellow before I contacted DRC.

What's cool is that the owner, Jake, actually came by my house to pick up the rugs (read: NO DROPOFF REQUIRED!) and once he got back to his shop, gave me a quote that was HALF of what others were charging.  Of course, I authorized the work to be done, but it wasn't the fantastic price that most impressed me - it was the quality of the work!

It's hard to put into words, but let me assure you that the rugs came back in absolutely immaculate condition.  They were each individually rolled and shrink-wrapped when they came off the truck.  Once I unrolled them, though, I was completely astounded at how clean they were and how vivid the color was in each rug.  Absolutely amazing.  I cannot emphasize enough how awesome of a job Jake and his team did in cleaning my rugs.  In fact, I am posting a picture of my super clean Kashmiri rug so you can see the results for yourself.

Delicate Rug Care is, without question, 5+ stars for service, quality, and price!!  I give them my highest possible personal recommendation and will absolutely be back as a repeat customer.

Robert S.

If you have a fine area rug that needs proper cleaning, this company is the only game in town!!!! I had two matching 20 year old hand made Chinese rugs that had never been cleaned and was forced to because my dog peed on the larger one!!! Despairingly, I called on Jake and he came to the rescue. The rugs look like new! The colors pop! The fringe is no longer yellow! I am amazed. Plus they don't put a carpet cleaner to them - they hang them and WASH them. But get this - his prices are a bargain. And if you buy his Yelp deal, a steal!

Lisa F.

I looked for quite a few rug cleaners and DRC fit the bill! They have a good Google rating and BBB rating too! I love that they do these kind of rugs the proper way - in a bath. They picked up 2 large rugs, cleaned and repaired them and delivered them back to me. They even thought about the placement and rotated the big rug (part of it was under a table) to give it even wear. I didn't even notice that! Reasonably priced too. Nice people!

Barbra G.

I have to admit Jake is Awesome had  3 area rugs, chairs, stools cleaned just like new! Great price, on time to pick up & drop off. Hell of a nice guy. Thx Jake, you'll definitely hear from me again.

Suzanne R.

I recently had my heavy wool rug cleaned by Delicate Rug Care. These folks were wonderful. Very accommodating and professional and I knew they had the equipment and expertise to handle my rug with care. Pick up and drop off was great. My rug came back like new. I will definitely be recommending them to my friends. Thank you for such great customer service and excellent work.

Adam N.

Jake brought back to life two rugs that I have in high traffic areas (living room and daughter's room) that I could never get the stains out.  The service was outstanding and they were done quickly.  He had the equipment to clean both rugs; jute and wool pile hand woven.  If you have a stained rug you want to look brand new go see Jake.

Corinne J.

Great service,super nice people to deal with, great price,   rugs look great!  I would use them again!

Will B.

On 2 separate occasions I've called Jake at Delicate Rug Care for an emergency clean-up and both times he showed up within a couple hours and left with the carpets spotless! It isn't often you find a local company with such friendly and expert service. Would recommend to anyone, hands-down the best in Phoenix.