How to care for your rug

The Wonders of Wool

Oriental and other fine rugs are made of wool; they are also economically maintainable. Rugs of wool are extremely durable and consistently out-perform other materials. Wool is resilient, cleans easier, and last longer.

Professional Cleaning

A professional Oriental rug cleaning will enhance your carpets, brining out the richness of the color and the softness of the wool. Depending on the amount of foot traffic and rotation schedule, a professional cleaning is recommended every one to three years

Carpet Rotation

To insure even wear, your rug should be rotated once a year. Depednding on the traffic, the rotation schedule may vary from once every six months to two years. 


Oriental rugs, like most carpeting, should be vacuumed on a regular basis to remove unwanted dirt and debris. But when vacuuming a fine rug AVOID vacuuming the fringe. 


A quality pad used under your rug besides being more comfortable to walk on, will help protect it from dirt, wear, and slippage. We will be happy to provide you with the correct padding. 


A professional restoration can be the solution for many carpet issues. Antique rugs sometimes need to be rewoven to bring out the richness of the wool once again. Always consult with a professional about these matters.